The Incredible Costs of Paper Invoices


Quick, how many trees does it take to create paper for all the invoices sent from businesses to their business customers every year? If you guessed anywhere under 51 million, you're wrong!

When we started researching just how many B2B paper invoices are generated each year and the amount of paper these use, we were astonished. We thought all the amazing facts regarding the waste and costs of paper invoicing deserved an infographic. So, we made one!

Creating and mailing paper invoices have an enormous impact on the environment. If your company has a corporate sustainability program...and what enterprise business doesn't these days...and you haven't looked at your accounts receivable invoicing process and volume, you should. You might be shocked to learn how many trees you're killing every year just to mail paper invoices to your customers. Not to mention the cost of envelopes, postage and the tremendous amount of carbon dioxide all this contributes to the atmosphere.  

But, paper invoices don't just have bearing on your company's environmental impact. Manual, paper-intensive invoicing also costs you and your customers money. For larger company's with a higher volume of monthly invoices, the costs could be more than $600,000 per year! In fact, businesses that switch from paper invoicing to automated, electronic invoicing can save as much as $2.85 per invoice themselves and another $3.34 per invoice in processing costs for their customers. 

With this in mind, we'd like to share with you our infographic detailing all the costs of paper invoicing and how your company can help save more trees, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Download your own copy of our infographic here


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