Infographic: How Suppliers Can Make the Most of Growing Portal Requests


Supplier Portals are developed and implemented by customers as a way to efficiently connect to their suppliers online. At least that is the stated purpose. By connecting to their suppliers through these gateways, customers can receive invoices electronically, share invoice approval status and provide details related to payment. Since customers want increased interaction online and the suggested efficiency that comes with it, suppliers can expect the number of portal request to increase.

Although it is challenging for supplier organizations to manage so many portal requests from different customers, there are things that can be done to eliminate manual data entry across multiple customer-owned portals. 

This new infographic illustrates how much portal requests and portal activity has grown in the last two years. That steady increase is the reason why some supplier organizations find themselves interacting with 10, 20 or more different customer portals almost every day.

The infographic also includes 5 recommendations for suppliers to help them better manage the increase in customer portal requests, turning this significant challenge into a significant benefit.


Download the full Portal Usage Infographic.

For a more detailed overview of how suppliers can make the most of multiple portal requests, download the free eBook here.

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