3 Reasons for Embracing a Fully Managed e-Invoicing SaaS

By Nick Roquefort-Villeneuve, Global Marketing Director – Amalto Technologies 

Amalto-Fully-Managed-ServicesHave you ever dreamed of buying an e-invoicing solution that the Software as a Service provider implements and then manages on your behalf, therefore without requiring your intervention?

Do you remember those dark times, during which your department was stuck because of sudden changes in the connections to one of your customers? Fortunately, after the dark there is light… You never have to find yourself in this same precarious position.

A fully managed SaaS is an application offered by a software company that takes care of all associated issues on behalf of the client. In other words, as customer you never need to monitor the system or fix a problem when one arises. The solution provider proactively does so, without your having to be aware of his actions.

The idea behind offering a fully managed application is that problems be anticipated and then fixed, before they can create disruption in the user’s ecosystem. Consequently, the latter does not need to allocate any resources to monitor the solution, which allows him to avoid technology-related downtimes that always disrupt productivity.

Here are the 3 reasons you should take into account, if you’re thinking of embracing a fully managed e-invoicing SaaS:

  1. Stability: Since the e-invoicing software provider systematically makes sure that all associated systems and flows work optimally, you and your department never have to fear that the entire order-to-cash ecosystem that allows you and your customers to transact seamlessly spirals down. Performing routine maintenance and automatic upgrades are also part of the deal.
  2. Security: Embracing a fully managed service infers the certainty that all systems pertaining to your e-invoicing solution will be updated to the latest security patches, among other procedures, which will always and seamlessly keep you ahead of hackers and viruses.
  3. Scalability: As you add more clients, your e-invoicing solution needs to connect to more customer portals. When fully managed, the software provider promptly handles all these new tasks for you.

We provide our clients with a fully managed order to cash solution, which is hosted on a dedicated private cloud. Naturally, there is a cost associated to the extra level of service that a fully managed application represents. Naturally, peace of mind has no price.

Actually, it does when you need to work within the scope of a budget and defend your choices before a bunch of Executives. Having said that, numbers don’t lie, ROI’s can easily be computed, and they tend to speak in favor of proceeding with such an investment.

A fully managed service will indeed allow you to cut costs that pertain to HR (by eliminating or assigning head-counts to more significant tasks) and annual interests on cash invested in excess receivables.